Meet Bron

Hi, I’m Bron.  For several years now I have had a passion and a vision to see education in South Africa become more individualised, effective and cost effective.  In pursuit of this vision, I have established Thrive, an organisation who’s aim is to create opportunities for individual learning experiences.  I am working towards this along with a growing team of Thrive Educators, offering one on one tutoring, homeschool subject lessons, group tutorials and workshops. In collaboration with and supported by many experts, fellow educators and friends in the community I am excited to be a part of the change in South African Education.

My Experience

  • Currently studying Senior & FET BEd Degree majoring in:
    • Mathematics
    • English
    • Art History
  • ND in Fine Art & Graphic Design
  • 10 years experience in childcare & education incl:
    • 3 years teaching homeschooling (Gr4-12)
    • 2 years facilitating a learner with ASD (Aspergers) (Gr3-4)


“I am an enthusiastic earthling,
driven and dedicated”