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Customisable Schooling
Let us assist you and your child in effective homeschooling.

As educators experienced in many avenues of teaching, including homeschooling, tutoring, public and private schooling, we have realised the need in our community for educational options that allow parents to pick and choose the elements they love most or need from different schooling styles.  There should be no reason to subscribe wholly to any one type of schooling when a diverse child will benefit most from a diverse education.

Customisable Options


  • Attend between 1 and 5 ‘school days’ per week for support in all subjects
    ‘School days’ are 5 hour sessions from 9:00-14:00 on any weekdays
  • Attend between 1 and 5 shorter sessions for support in specific subjects


  • Concept teaching or facilitation of home learnt concepts
  • Level of administrative responsibility for student
  • Level of weekly goal management and accountability
  • Responsibility for testing and reports
  • Responsibility for academic decisions
  • Choice in subjects and curriculums as we are able to accommodate


Whilst we assist students from varying curriculums, we use ACE (provided by AEE) as our core curriculum.  We have chosen this curriculum carefully for its benefits in allowing a child to work at their own pace, inclusion of character development, exclusion of examinations and the self-teaching style.  We feel this curriculum coupled with our workshops will promote deep learning and whole-child development.

ACE will not be the right fit for all children, and we are happy to accommodate other curriculums as we are able.

School Completion Options

We will assist as we are able in any of the available school completion options (Matric and Matric equivalent) in South Africa.  This includes support through the GED, SATs, and certain IGCSE and NSC subjects.

Cost Structure

Please request a quote for customisable schooling options based on your specific needs and requirements.

To apply or enquire, contact Bronwyn Murray at bron@thriveacademy.co.za